The mountains of Pakistan are home to salt and minerals. Nowadays, Himalayan salt has become more than a cooking item. Himalayan salt, is also termed pink salt or rock salt. Where does pink Himalayan salt come from?  It is enriched with minerals and harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine. It is excavated from the foothills of the Himalayas, located in Pakistan. This old salt deposit is believed to come into existence millions of years ago as the result of when oceans evaporated and left behind concentrated minerals.

When it comes to history the mine was discovered around 320 BC when the soldiers of Alexander the Great crossed through the region. The manuscript states that it was the soldiers’ horses who discovered the Khewra salt deposits. Their horses started licking the rocks to regain energy.

Where does pink Himalayan salt come from? The Khewra Salt Mine is an underground complex labyrinth of tunnels where miners extract the salt. Salt varies in color from pale pink to deep red due to the presence of trace minerals in different crystals. It is enriched with iron, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals not only give Himalayan salt its aesthetic color but also contribute to its unique health benefits.

Mining Himalayan salt involves excavating salt from the Himalayan Mountains. Pink Himalayan salt comes from a huge underground salt mine. Once extracted, it is processed and used for culinary purposes. Moreover, it is used in various wellness and decorative products. It all happens due to its aesthetic pink color and mineral content. However, it is necessary to consider the environmental concerns related to salt mining in ecologically sensitive regions.

Is pink Himalayan salt good for you?

Is pink Himalayan salt good for you?

There is huge competition in the market regarding salt. Anyone can get confused while choosing the salt. This choice can be made easy when you are aware of the mineral content and benefits of the respective salt. In the race of sea salt, kosher salt, regular salt, and Pink Himalayan salt, there is tough competition. So, it becomes difficult to choose. Himalayan salt is often supposed key item that imparts health benefits. However, there is limited scientific evidence that supports claims of massive health benefits.

Is pink salt good for you or not it depends on the quantity you use and the impact it has on your body.

Himalayan pink salt contains extra minerals and elements than regular table salt. For example, it contains trace amounts of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. All minerals body needs to stay healthy. Pink salt doesn’t offer any prominent nutritional rise to the body it does not mean it should be avoided. Many people find pink salt more flavorful than any other salt. Regular use of this salt can improve your health because it has less sodium content that keeps the body’s blood pressure normal.  While using it in moderation can improve the flavor of your dishes. Before using it at maximum, it is necessary to remember that it is mainly composed of sodium chloride. So, one must use it in moderation.

Is Himalayan salt good for high blood pressure?

Is Himalayan salt good for high blood pressure?

Blood pressure has become a serious health problem at present. It is due to our dietary habits. Salt is the key player that controls blood pressure. It is too low or too high and is interlinked with the use of salt. Intake of much sodium can shoot your blood pressure, which can have drastic results. Health experts due to its natural existence recommend the use of pink salt. This salt is unprocessed and additives free which makes it highly health friendly.

According to claims, Himalayan pink salt contains less sodium than table salt. It is also comprised of trace amounts of minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium.

Usually, table salt is used in our daily cooking. Himalayan Salt is considered healthier than regular salt. This unprocessed salt has over 80 trace minerals that support the body’s health.

As we all know, High blood pressure drastically influences a person’s health. One can tackle this issue by consuming low-sodium salt. Now the purpose is served by Himalayan pink salt. By reducing the intake of sodium in your diet, it can assist you to maintain blood pressure levels

It is suitable to choose low-sodium salt for those who have high blood pressure problems. It contains less sodium than regular salt, which minimizes the chances of hypertension. So, if you’re looking for a salt that would positively influence your blood pressure, then make Himalayan salt part of your daily diet but in a moderate manner. Routine use of this unprocessed salt helps you to improve your blood circulation and keep blood pressure normal.

Benefits of Himalayan salt

Benefits of Himalayan salt

Salt is the key ingredient for cooking that adds taste and flavor to the meal. But, some claims depict it as more than culinary items. It imparts unique health benefits when used in measured quantity. Himalayan salt holds a comprehensive list of potential benefits, which are


The main advantage of pink salt is, it is common in kitchens. It is renowned due to its aesthetic color and texture. The use of salt in making food enhances the flavor and color of the food. This salt allows food to stay warm and preserved when served in natural pink salt slabs. Other than cooking, it is used in the seasoning of food. The small addition of salt in items enhances the nutrients and flavor of the items.

Moreover, it is also used in the pickling of vegetables but it is not keenly recommended for this procedure due to its additional taste, color, and flavor.

Rich Mineral Content

Himalayan salt contains trace minerals 80 such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium that can contribute to human health. It lacks iodine that can be obtained from other food sources.

Balanced Electrolytes

Undoubtedly, electrolytes keep the body functioning normally. A slight change in the level of electrolytes in the body can show drastic results. This pink salt helps to maintain proper electrolyte balance in the body. Balance electrolytes aid in hydration and keeping muscles function in control.


Have you ever felt a bloated stomach after eating a lot of fast food? It happens then how to ease your stomach from this discomfort? It is possible through Himalayan salt. Some believe it ensures the digestion process by promoting stomach acid production. Moreover, it also helps in nutrient absorption. Other than this, routine use of salt keeps the digestive tract healthy which plays a vital role in the digestion process.


Walking on the beach or in a salt tunnel gives a comforting experience. It allows you to relax your body. Due to this reason, salt therapy is introduced because it relaxes the whole body from all stress and tiredness. Inhalation of Himalayan salt particles through salt therapy in a salt room is thought to have multiple respiratory benefits.

Breathing salt air clears all dust and smoke particles and cleans the lungs. Besides, it removes all allergic particles from the windpipe to ease the respiratory process.

Healthy skin

Until the last few years, we only knew about the use of salt in the kitchen. Nowadays, salt is being used as a reliable cosmetics. Study claims that the use of salt on the skin can protect you from acne and scars. Moreover, it helps to shut the open pores that are considered a cause of acne. Besides, it is widely used in cosmetics. In addition, salt scrubs are in demand due to exfoliating and detoxifying properties that promote healthy skin. Now, you can get fresh, glassy, glowing, and clear skin with home remedies after a detailed prescription from your dermatologist.


If you are an athlete or do regular long hours workouts, there is a chance your body might fall into dehydration. Not only sportsmen but also a layperson in hot summer can face severe dehydration. It happens due to the washout of essential electrolytes in the form of sweat. It is believed that Himalayan salt can enhance the body’s ability to absorb water and allows better hydration. Drinking salt water may help to bring the body’s electrolytes to normal instantly after massive loss of it.

Reduced Sodium Intake

Massive use of sodium not only leads to blood pressure issues but also causes kidney stones. This salt is advantageous due to its less sodium content than regular salt. Many people claim that larger crystals of pink salt lead to less sodium intake per unit volume compared to regular salt.

Alkalizing Effect

Stomach acidity can disturb the whole body system in a short period. It happens due to an imbalance of body fluid pH. The use of pink salt may aid to balance the body’s pH levels. Low fluid pH reduces acidity and allows the body to perform well.

Muscle cramps

Have you ever experienced the pain of muscles twitching at night? Undoubtedly, that pain at that moment feels unbearable. This happens because of minerals and electrolyte imbalances. Himalayan salt is sometimes recommended as a remedy for muscle cramps. This salt has huge mineral content, such as magnesium and potassium that is good for muscles.

Salt lamps

Light orange views during sunset relax the mind from unwanted stress. Similar hot orange and amber glow can be experienced at home. Salt lamps serve the purpose. These lamps are hand carved and give a warm glow. The study reports that these lamps emit negative ions that have many benefits. Firstly, it purifies the air from dust and microorganisms. Secondly, negative ions produce positive vibes. In the dark, these lamps ensure a comforting atmosphere that is ideal for enjoying peace of mind. Due to these lamps, one can meditate for longer hours in silence.

Horse licks

Not only humans, but animals can also enjoy the health benefits of pink salt. Salt boosts animals’ energy and improves their digestion process. Above all, calcium makes their bones strong.

Remember, while Himalayan salt has potential benefits, evidence through scientific research is still missing. Whichever salt you are using for your daily needs, important is to keep moderation in the use. Too low or too high use of salt can affect the health


Pink Himalayan salt comes from the foothills of Himalaya Khewra mine. This salt is enriched with minerals that are important for health. Due to its unique properties, it has become the talk of the town. It has culinary as well as therapeutic properties that make it people’s only choice. It not only adds flavor to the meal but also helps to improve health. Whether you are suffering from digestion or respiratory problem, it can fix it all. Additionally, it helps to maintain the body’s electrolytes and pH to normal.

Question regarding blood pressure, is Himalayan salt good for high blood pressure, the answer is yes. Due to its low sodium content, it is ideal for people suffering with blood pressure. Another salt product, such as salt lamp plays its role in cleaning the air and relaxing your body and mind from all stress. In final remarks, Himalayan salt is far better than regular salt due to its, mineral content and other health benefits but moderation in use is necessary.


How is pink Himalayan salt mined?

Pink Himalayan salt is mined by using secure traditional methods to protect the salt crystals from damage.

Is Himalayan pink salt from Pakistan?

Yes, Himalayan pink salt is mined from the Himalayan mountain range, specifically the Khewra mine located in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

What minerals are found in Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt consists of 84 minerals. It is comprised of 98 % sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and selenium.

Is Himalayan salt naturally pink?

Yes, Himalayan salt is naturally pink due to the presence of plenty of trace  minerals and some impurities.

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