Our Story

We are Manufacturer, Processor & Exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt Products

We are GV Salt, one of the largest Pakistani Himalayan salt Suppliers companies. Our business networking is flourishing in more than 20 countries. Himalayan salt is an identity of Pakistan around the world. We are striving to maintain it by excelling our salt products in every corner of the world. We process rock salt according to recognized processing tools and techniques to ensure the quality of salt. We do not compromise on the originality. For this purpose, we have set up of machinery and highly experienced workers who make desired designing and manufacturing of salt products possible. Processing for eating and other purposes is equally health and environment friendly, respectively.

Himalayan salt is an essential item of Pakistan and we are trying to distribute it all around the world. We are imparting our role in the recognition of Pakistani salt products in every corner of the world. We provide salt in every form whether it for making delicious food or to adore the houses with delicate artistic pieces.

GV Salt products are not only confined to local areas but we also end the thirst of customers beyond the borders. Our supply chain is not limited. We provide fast delivery of products in valuable packaging worldwide to our customers on their few clicks.

We do not merely focus on business; our focus is also to aware consumers about merits of pink salt.



Our mission is to provide appealing, desired, and premium quality products to customers.

Our Standards


We keep integrity in our work but the most with customers, secret of our success.

Customer Experience:

We burn our midnight oil to serve our customers who trust us at fullest.


There is an always a way to do better. Our teamwork led us to new innovative ideas that open the gateways for our successful journey.


GV Salt aims to introduce Himalayan Rock Salt all around the globe by creating a valuable chain of distribution and ensuring its availability worldwide.

Himalayan Pink Salt is a distinguishing asset found only in Pakistan and through its sale we play a vital role in strengthening the economy of Pakistan.
We also urge on creating consumers awareness on the benefits of Pink Salt and we export pink salt in various shapes and forms to carter different market segments.

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