On Demand:

  • Any figure and size can be produced
  • Lamps base: wooden, marble & plastic feet are available
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

Key Features:

  • Black Wrought iron basket
  • 100% Himalayan salt chunks
  • UL-Standardized 6 ft electric cord
  • 15-watt incandescent bulb with brightness control switch
  • Customized size, shape, and colors

Product Detail:

Himalayan pink salt is taken from the mines of Pakistan and used in numerous salt products. Himalayan salt lamps are famous due to their wonderful gorgeous and hand carved features. With passage of time, décor patterns are changing and one product Iron basket shape salt lamp is suitable for   this change. Strong iron basket that holds 100 % pure and authentic pink chunks of salt, beautiful to look at, give sunset hue when it glows.

Himalayan salt lamps have specialty of variation, strength, and durability. Pure and hand cut salt crystals adds much charms in salt lamps and it is visible in Iron basket shape lamp. Use of black wrought iron provides basket more delicacy and strength by preventing it from corrosion. Standardized electric cord with brightness control system and 15 -watt bulb let it glow like molten lava. Glow of salt lamp vanishes negative effects of electronic smog produced by electronic devices.

GV Salt, the largest marketplace of salt products, gives opportunity to embrace the charming glow at your home and working space. Iron basket lamp is a unique artwork for your reception area. We offer adorable and affordable iron baskets of variety of sizes, shapes (Melon, Round, Trophy, Square, Triangle, Six-cut), and colors, depends upon the size and colors of salt chunks. You are just imagining glow of different hues and feeling the warmth of pure illumination, GV Salt is there to make your imagination true.

Product Description:

Iron basket lamp is made up of black wrought iron and 100% pure Himalayan pink salt chunks. Easily adjustable at any place. Incandescent light source gives warmth with variety of hues. Make your reception zone more adorable.