Natural Himalayan salt lamp​s


SR#NameWeight (kg)Packing
1Natural Salt Lamps40 - 501 pcs
2Natural Salt Lamps30 - 401 pcs
3Natural Salt Lamps24 - 301 pcs
4Natural Salt Lamps18 - 241 pcs
5Natural Salt Lamps12 - 181 pcs
6Natural Salt Lamps09 - 122 pcs
7Natural Salt Lamps06 - 092 pcs
8Natural Salt Lamps04 - 064 pcs
9Natural Salt Lamps03 - 046 pcs
10Natural Salt Lamps02 - 038 pcs
11Natural Salt Lamps01 - 028 pcs

Natural Himalayan salt lamp

Enjoy the warm and gentle glow of a natural Himalayan salt lamps every time you are feeling low enough to recharge and unwind your energies. Sleek design and refreshing gentle light work as a mood booster. Therefore, people look for different lighting options. Due to this reason, demand for natural shapes Himalayan salt lamps has increased. Himalayan pink salt, a gift from nature mined from the khewra mine is equally used for cooking and home decor purposes. One of those decor items is a natural salt lamp. This Himalayan natural salt lamp is known for its pure pink composition and aesthetic design. In addition, the Himalayan glow natural salt lamp emits negative ions when glowing when it is turned on. On glowing, it not only spreads a warm glow and is worth watching appearance but also gives many benefits.

Himalayan salt gets its color due to different crystals that are loaded with minerals. Due to the presence of crystals, this lamp is also known as the Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp. Shining crystals on glowing emit a radiant glow that catches the attention of the visitors.
Salt lamps are typically installed with incandescent light bulbs that are considered less costly. With the passage of time, less costly and efficient LED bulbs have been used in salt lamps. Natural Himalayan color-changing LED salt lamp is now in common. What else do you need if you get a lamp that changes its color on glowing? Pink, red, blue, green and yellow! You can enjoy the color-changing warm glow on your desk or side table with a Himalayan color-changing LED salt lamp. The different colors and natural shapes confirm it is the best home decor lighting by many interior designers.

These natural lighting sources not only maintain the decor of your home but also help in maintaining your health. How Himalayan salt lamps let you enjoy the various health benefits. Natural Himalayan salt lamp benefits are not confined to aesthetics but also cleanse the air. Therefore, these are named air purifiers or air deodorizers. On glowing, natural Himalayan salt lamps emotions negative ions interact with dust and debris in the air and accumulate on the surface. However, it helps to improve sleep and boost mood. Study has revealed that a gentle warm glow improves the blood flow in the body and maintain heart health in line. You can enjoy quality time in meditation because the light orange glow of the lamp spreads the serene light that increases the focus while praying or meditation. Other expensive chandeliers are always difficult to clean and handle but these natural lamps are not only easy to handle but also clean with damp cloth that can extend its life.

Natural Himalayan rock salt lamp comes in different color, size, and shapes. Whether you want a floral, animal-shaped shape, or natural-shaped salt lamp you can buy any of your choice. Buy and experience the mesmerizing gentle light and beauty at your home and workplace.


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