Himalayan salt candleholders


Natural Salt Lamp

The Natural Shape Himalayan Salt Candle Holders or Salt Votives come with 1 to 8 or even more holes to hold more candles depending upon the customers’ demand.

Geometrical Shapes

Himalayan Salt Candle holders are made by hand-carving Himalayan Salt Blocks into Geometrical Shapes such as Heart, Star, Ball, and many more.

Cone Shape

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder or tea light holders are handcrafted into Cone Shape. They come with metal stands of different shapes like curly, curvy, table, and classic.

01Heart Candle Holder5 - 620 x 201 pcs
02Three Hole Tea Light Holder5 - 620 x 201 pcs
03Salt Cube Candle Holder5 - 620 x 201 pcs
04Salt Candle Holder5 - 620 x 201 pcs
05Cube Shape Candle Holder5 - 620 x 201 pcs
06Salt Cone Tealight with Metal Stand5 - 620 x 201 pcs

Figure shapes Himalayan salt lamps​

An exciting fusion of nature gifts, art, and undeniable ambiance! Experience the relaxing glow of tiny lights in the form of salt candleholders.

The world is enjoying the beauty of pink Himalayan salt lamps as well as taking the potential health benefits from the warm amber glow. Himalayan salt candleholders are a combination of natural salt and ambient lighting that are thought good for overall wellness.

Himalayan salt candles are made of natural materials that make this tea lights eco-friendly. Himalayan salt consists of crystals that make the candleholders unique and aesthetic. Salt rock candleholder is an exclusive tiny lighting holder that can make the casual setting super appealing. Explore the list of a variety of Candle Holders that include normal, figurine, or floral shapes. 

With the availability of multiple shapes of candleholders, you can pick your choice if not you can customize your idea of elegance according to your home or workplace setting. Appealing Himalayan salt tea light holders are sleekly crafted with 100  % authentic Himalayan salt that makes these tiny lights unique from all. 

By Partnering with Himalayan salt candleholders, you can maintain holistic health. A well-known technique of crystal healing is associated with salt rock candleholders that perform the phenomenon of ionization. On heating aesthetic candleholders release negative ions that cleanse the air. Now, no need to install a costly air purifier to set up the salt lighting. 

Enjoy the free aromatherapy to keep respiratory health on the line. Moreover, the gentle glow helps you to improve your sleep and energy. Now, be convinced to bring the naturally pink salt candleholders of Himalaya at home to enjoy well-being for longer.  These tea lights spell warmth and serenity that what mediation demands. The natural blush of Himalayan salt candles produces a superb ambiance in the room that allows you to meditate in the relaxing atmosphere.

Dedicate the corner of your home, whether room, tea table, or lounge to enjoy the warmth of the glow in your leisure time. Regular aromatherapy can help you unwind your lacking energies and excel more in your all-day routine.

Himalayan salt candleholders are not only a home decor accessory; but also a manifestation of handcrafted works of art. Illuminate your surroundings with warm little salt tea lights that are more than the light.

Our long-lasting salt candleholders have become the main part of the home decor. Due to its mesmerizing and captivating pinkish glow in the dark, this lighting perfect induction to a home or any wellness space.

As Himalayan salt lamps are versatile, are an ideal choice to incorporate into your interior design. For creating a harmonious interior decor with nature and your mood, a fixture of the exciting glow of natural salt Himalayan glow is the perfect recommendation.
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