On Demand:

  • Any figure and size can be produced
  • Lamps base: wooden, marble & plastic feet are available
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

Key Features:

  • Purely hand crafted from mines of Pakistan
  • 100% authentic Himalayan Pink salt crystals
  • Wooden stage
  • Customized size and shapes
Product Detail:
Candle glow at night is always soothing but its mashup with salt glow adds more charm to surroundings as well as your mood uplifting. Himalayan salt lamps have been essential item in décor and therapeutic aspect all around the world. It brings wellness and freshness to your mental health. People who want to experience aesthetic classic candle glow along with with ember hue, for them Salt Candle Holders set are best tools. One may find Salt Candle Holders set in any size and shape. Base of candle holders is made up of wood, marble, or rubber to avoid scratches. As Himalayan salt lamps are crafted in any dimension, likewise adorable manifestation of magical artwork appears on Salt Candle Holders. Salt Candle Holders do not directly land on surface, for some designs there are iron stands that hold holders. Therapeutics studies reveal Candle and salt lamps glow reduce depression, tiredness and helps to refresh moods. It is not only good for health and cleanliness of room environment but it also adds gorgeousness in your home décor and interior styling. GV Salt, one of the leading salt products companies, delivers salt products at your doorstep to pay great homage to your home and life style. If big salt tools don’t attract you, we offer small and subtle Himalayan salt candle holder set. Bring aesthetic and fine tools to your home. We will make it so for you.
Products Shapes:
  • Heart Candle Holder
  • Three Hole Tea Light Holder
  • Salt Cube Candle Holder
  • Salt Candle Holder
  • Cube Shape Candle Holder
  • Salt Cone Tealight with Metal Stand
Product Description: Glorious Salt candle holders of 4 x 4 x 4 inches. Crafted in any dimension. Fresh pink salt crystal enhances candle glow. Best Present for your friends.