Geometric Shapes Salt Lamps


1Ball3 – 44 pcs
2Cube3 – 46 pcs
3Feng Shui3 – 46 pcs
4Cylinder2.5 - 3.56 pcs
5Cylinder Cut2.5 - 3.56 pcs
6Egg3 - 46 pcs
7Egg Cut3 - 46 pcs
8Obelisk2 - 36 pcs
9Cone2 - 36 pcs
10Pyramid2 - 34 pcs
11Drop3 - 46 pcs
12Dome3 - 44 pcs
13Column2 - 36 pcs
14Round2 - 36 pcs
15Hexagon3 - 44 pcs
16Triangle5 - 64 pcs
17Capsule3 - 46 pcs
18Mushroom3 - 46 pcs
19Tree3 - 46 pcs
20Diamond2 - 34 pcs

Geometric Shapes Salt Lamps

What else do you need if you find the delicate home decor product that spells health benefits with its glow? The geometric shapes salt lamps are here to replace your costly decor items at home. The Himalayan salt lamp has become one of the ideal home decor items. Everyone has their aesthetic taste like food. Some like sharp and others enjoy the warm gentle glow therefore they always look for ambient lighting.

 As Himalayan salt enhances the flavor and texture of food due to its enriched mineral profile, it also fills the mineral lamps with its essence. Himalayan salt crystal lamp mostly comes in a natural shape that seems like a piece of rock on the desk. To add decency to your home decor items, there is an appealing geometric shapes salt lamps that fits in every setting. Geometry lamp not only emits a spellbinding glow but also gives an organized look in any casual setting.

When a Himalayan salt block is carved in a geometric shape, it links the aesthetic appeal of natural salt with unique artistic design. Carving the salt crystals in a unanimous geometric design takes those ordinary rocks to the highest level.  If you are looking for a sleekly designed salt lamp, you can grab a Pyramid Salt Lamp or quartz salt lamp. Undoubtedly, this classic shape salt lamp is different from the rest of the geometric shapes.

Another type of geometric design is Sphere Salt Lamp. Although, multiple shapes and designs of lamps include square, rectangle, natural, floral, and animal people look for the simple but attractive. This circular or globe salt lamp when placed on a home or office desk, enhances the beauty of the place. The glowing sphere spells the warmth all around that everyone direly needs in a tight routine.

In the present time, people look for lighting alternatives that serve many purposes. That might be delicate, appealing, beneficial, and less costly. If you like diversity in, you can choose the rectangle salt lamp that is recently in demand. This authentic Himalayan salt hand-carved lamp is unique. This wide salt lamp creates beautiful effects in the surrounding glowing.

The geometric-shaped salt lamp has many health benefits along with home decor. Geometric-shaped lamps emit negative ions that are known for potential health benefits. Undoubtedly, a light amber glow creates the ambient lighting that doubles the beauty of this decorative item. In addition, these ions cleanse the air by attracting the debris and micrograms from the air. The light pinkish glow in the dark plays its role in improving sleep and mood as well. Furthermore, the glow mineral lamps in congested places help to improve respiratory health. Breathing in the company of a geometric salt crystal lamp eases the symptoms of dry coughing, asthma, and allergies.

Grab the sleekly carved Himalayan salt lamp from the renowned salt brand, Golden View to combine natural salt lamp art with modern designs and crafting. Experience the relaxing and warming glow of matchless pieces in your home setting!

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