In most households, the use of regular salt is common. However, the unique uses of pink salt has also increased due to its unique benefits. Regular salt is extracted from mines and then processed. When it comes to the geographical origin of pink salt, its mining and extraction take place at Himalayan Mountain located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. If both salts are mined from the rocks and mountains then what’s the difference between pink salt and regular salt?

Some facts make the difference between pink salt and regular salt.

Mineral composition

When it comes to choosing a salt, keeping its mineral composition in view is highly important. Both pink and regular salt differ based on mineral composition. There are 84 trace minerals e.g. magnesium, potassium, and calcium in pink salt. Due to its enriched mineral profile, many health experts prefer Himalayan pink salt. On the other hand, regular salt only consists of sodium chloride.

Himalayan pink salt nutrition facts


Multiple types of salts have diverse mineral profiles. Some are particular for the nutrients. Regular salt is known for sodium others are known for iodine, p

otassium, and magnesium. However, one salt holds all. Himalayan pink salt is a natural gift. Its benefits have been celebrate since its discovery. Himalayan pink salt nutrition facts are hilarious.

The Himalayan salt’s pink hue is due to its trace minerals. Moreover, it contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and selenium. Each mineral is an essential nutrient for the body that it needs at any cost.  Sodium in Himalayan salt helps for better nervous system functions. In addition, magnesium in salt helps in healing the inflammation. Along with that, calcium in salt is essential for bone and muscle growth.

What salt has the most minerals?

If you are looking for salt to have more minerals, then you are looking for natural salt. There are many salts available in the store that are known for some particular minerals. Some have high sodium and potassium. Others have a huge content of magnesium. How it would be if you find a salt that has the most minerals?

Regular or table salts are frequently use due to their high sodium content but these salts are only sodium. Our body does not function only with sodium it needs many other minerals as well. Pink Himalayan salt has more than 84 trace minerals, each is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

So to choose the enriched mineral salt for regular use, choose the pink salt because it holds the minerals that regular salt lacks.

What is the healthiest salt to eat?

What is the healthiest salt to eat?

Every natural product is called healthy. Does natural salt exist that is called healthy to use? The regular salt that you use in every cuisine comes in a clean and white hue. Is cleanliness and white coloration is symbol of health? Not at all. Chemical and additive-free salt is always called healthy to eat.

Salt is a key ingredient for every meal. It is not wrong to say that no one can enjoy the taste of a meal without salt. If regular salt is not healthy then what to eat?

Different salts have different processing methods that define the purity and quality of the salt. Let’s access what’s the difference between pink salt and regular salt based on processing.

Himalayan pink salt is known as the purest salt on the earth. It is mine from the Himalayan Mountains and export without processing. Unrefined and unprocessed salt is always free from chemicals that make it healthy. On the other hand, regular table salt has a concentration of additives that make it unhealthy. One other reason that makes this salt healthy is its huge mineral profile. Healthy salt directly helps to improve the health of an individual.

Sodium content in pink salt vs. regular salt


When it is, enquired what’s the difference between pink salt and regular salt, the response always revolves around sodium levels. Salt is salt due to sodium. Salt with higher sodium levels has a bitter taste and less content making it comparatively sweeter. The regular salt is all sodium. Therefore, regular salt is also known as sodium chloride. On the other hand, pink salt has less sodium. According to analysis, pink salt has 98% sodium, which is less than regular salt. This is the reason; Himalayan pink salt gives a sweeter taste than regular salt. Moreover, when it comes to adding salt to cuisine, pink salt is added in more amounts.

Benefits of using pink salt over regular salt

No one is unaware of the benefits of using pink salt. Pink Himalayan salt offers a comprehensive list of health benefits. It is frequently ask what’s the difference between pink salt and regular salt. The difference lies in the benefits of both salts. Pink salt has more benefits than regular salt. All this is due to minerals composition and unprocessed nature.

Common uses of regular table salt are in cooking and to some extent preservation of food. On the other hand, the potential benefits of pink salt regarding its use are enormous. One of the major benefits that make pink salt superior to regular salt is the enriched mineral profile that your body needs. These minerals play a role in keeping electrolyte balance in the body as well.

Above all, pink salt has a unique subtle and earthy taste that makes it superior to regular salt, which is known for its sharp and bitter taste.

You cannot enjoy good health when you are not fully hydrated. Pink salt performs hydration phenomena.  Along with it, it also enhances water absorption in the body.

Sodium intake is not healthy for all especially people suffering from kidney and heart problems. They are always recommended to intake less sodium salt. Contrary to regular salt, pink Himalayan, salt has less sodium, which is thought an ideal choice for these patients.

1. Balance pH

Balance pH is essential for the maintenance of body metabolism and functions. A slight change in pH can disturb the whole mechanism of the body. The alkalizing effect of pink salt serves the purpose in this regard. Regular and moderate use of Himalayan pink salt allows for maintenance of the body pH in the range that promotes better and smoother functioning.

People suffering from blood pressure or cardiac disease are recommended to eat less sodium salt. High intake of sodium increases blood pressure, which causes strokes and heart attacks as well. Regular salt is purely sodium chloride, which is not good for people suffering from high blood pressure.

2. Proper digestion

Proper digestion symbolizes that the body is working smoothly. The use of Himalayan salt promotes the production and regulation of acid in the stomach that helps in digestion. This property distinguishes pink salt from regular salt.

Have you ever heard that pink Himalayan salt improves respiratory health? This salt is not only confined to cooking like regular salt. Due to its aesthetic color and crystals, it is carved to make salt lamps. On glowing, these lamps emit negative ions that purify the air. Inhalation of pure air helps to improve the respiratory health.

Another benefit that of pink salt over regular salt is it reduces muscle cramps and improves bone health. Contrary to regular salt it contains magnesium and calcium that keeps the muscle and bones healthy and strong.

In the present era, everyone wants to be slim and smart. It is only possible with a healthy lifestyle; exercise and healthy meals. People who gain weight they always crave for eating. They either crave pastries or eat junk food that doubles the speed of weight gain. Salt makes the meal different when it comes to pink salt. This natural salt reduces the craving for a meal and this salt good for weight loss by shedding extra fats.

On the other hand, regular salt intake promotes a craving for salty meals. Alternatively, it supports the weight gain over time. Some people claim that the use of pink salt has helped them to lose weight. It is still a popular myth or misconception that needs evidence.

When we jump out of the kitchen, Himalayan salt has multiple uses. One of the surprising facts about pink salt is that it is use in beauty care routines. Regular salt due to sodium cause skin allergy and irritation. However, coarse salt has detoxifying properties that help to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Pink salt detox such as salt baths is best to remove all toxins from the body and regulate blood circulation. By looking at the overall profile, Himalayan pink salt rules over regular salt regarding benefits.

Cooking with Himalayan salt vs. regular salt

Cooking with Himalayan salt vs. regular salt

Taste of the all-delicious cuisine will lost if salt is removed from it. Whether you are a salty lover or a baked lover, salt is the only ingredient that makes them all good to taste. As there are different types of salt in the market, similarly it is always tough to choose the best salt for cooking. When it comes to cooking, two salts are always in a race. Himalayan salt and Table salt. If both are salt then what’s the difference between pink salt and regular salt? There are different culinary uses of both salts based on their properties.

Firstly, the taste. Himalayan salt has an earthy and subtle taste that makes the food more tasteful. On the other hand, regular salt has a slightly bitter taste that is hard to manage as well. The earthy taste of pink salt makes the food delightful.

Secondly, the grain since of Himalayan salt is larger than regular salt. Fine grains of this salt make it best for cooking. If you like grilled or roasted meat, this is ideal to make your meal both tasty and juicy. Slight sprinkling on the baked or grilled meat not only enhances the appeal but also the taste of your food.

Reduce cooking time

Thirdly, it reduces the cooking time. The minerals in pink Himalayan salt allow hard food to soften easily. Food cooked with Himalayan salt is done more quickly than regular salt.

One of the great deals of using Himalayan salt for cooking is it has all the healthy nutrients that along with taste add energy to the meal. Besides, Himalayan salt blocks or slabs are use for cooking, grilling, and roasting. Many seafood’s such as sushi can be cooked on a hot slab. Not only cooking, these salt slabs can be used as serving plates as well. If you are up to using regular salt for cooking and grilling you will miss the unique taste.

Cooking is assessed after tasting but aroma also works as decisive. The mouthwatering aroma of food allows you to run towards dining and enjoy the meal. Cooking with Himalayan salt, as if a subtle taste adds a unique aroma to the food that makes it mouthwatering.

In addition, the accessibility of regular table salt is quite easy. Regular salt is easily available and less costly than pink salt; therefore it is frequently used in cooking. Moreover, due to its fine powder form, it is easy to measure with a teaspoon and dissolves quickly.

Contrary, people inquire where to buy pink salt. It can be purchased from renown grocery stores that are known for natural and herbal products. Like regular table salt, it is not available at every store.

Replacing regular salt with Himalayan salt for cooking is a good choice. However, some debunking myths make people suspect about this salt. There are also some common misunderstandings about table salt that it is not a healthy choice due to excessive sodium and the presence of additives. In addition, the color and appearance of the salt also influence the selection of the salt. Whether you like punk salt or regular salt, it all depends on the consumer preferences and what they choose for the taste. If you want to enjoy the potential health benefits of pink salt, consult with your health care professional.


Himalayan salt and regular salt are types of salt that are use in various cuisines. Then what’s the difference between pink salt and regular salt? Pink salt has an enriched mineral composition but on the other hand, regular salt only consists of sodium. The sodium content in Himalayan pink salt is less making it a healthy choice for people with illnesses.

Both salts are mine from the rocks whether on earth or underwater salt deposits. Himalayan salt due to trace minerals is consider best for cooking and normal use. It improves the digestive, respiratory, and skin health of the individual. Regular table salt has limited benefits; therefore, health-conscious people choose natural and unprocessed Himalayan salt. Before incorporating ant salt into your diet, keep the all myths and misunderstandings of each salt in mind

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