Imagine a scenario where you’re making a perfectly grilled steak for dinner. As the meat sizzles on the grill, you sleekly season it with various spices and herbs. However, it’s the finishing salt, a game changer that you sprinkle over the steak just before serving that truly makes it exceptional. What is finishing salt? What is this tastemaker that allows you to eat more and more?

Finishing salts, as the name depicts are intended to be used as the final enhancement to your meal. This salt provides a final burst of flavor that elevates the taste of food from satisfactory to a level where everyone keenly wishes for a second serving.

Finishing salt is a culinary term that refers to a superior quality salt that is added to a dish just before serving making it flavorful. It enhances the flavor, texture, and visual appeal of any food. You can call it a magical sprinkle that elevates a meal to a new level. Whether it’s a sprinkle of flaky sea salt over a decadent chocolate dessert or Maldon salt flakes over grilled meat, finishing grains embody the principle that the little things can make a huge difference.

The use of final touch salt encourages food lovers to explore the vast array of salt varieties available, from the delicate and mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt to the briny intensity of Maldon salt.

How to use finishing salt

Have you heard about or read the guidelines regarding how to use salt? We commonly say to add a tablespoon of salt to it. Add two pinches of salt to the soup! It is not the same for finishing salt. Its small amount is more than enough to make your food flavorful.

This salt comes in the market in the form of powdery white grains or small pink flakes. When grains crackle between teeth, produce a tasty flavor that doubles the appetite.

If you are a new chef, you must know how to use finishing salt. You can add much with the perception of enhancing flavor and texture. Uncontrolled sprinkles will destroy your whole food. So, here is a quick guide about the use of finishing salt. A slight sprinkle of salt is enough to make your simple food royal cuisine. To extract the complete benefit of salt, sprinkle a little amount of salt, at the end, just before serving.

For sprinkling salt, use your fingers. The trick is to use your fingers to sprinkle finishing salt is highly helpful. It helps to control the amount of salt and make food palatable. Moreover, it adds the warmth of the fingers which assists in bringing out the flavor to the fullest.

The timing is highly important regarding adding salt to the dish. Make sure to use finishing salts just before serving the food. If you add just removing the pan from the stove, high temperatures will melt the salt crystals. Undoubtedly, this will make salt lose its unique character.

As moderation is the key to enjoying the benefits of any salt, so keep it in view. Adding more finishing salt will not enhance the taste but will destroy your recipe.

Finishing salt recipes

Finishing salt recipes

If young kids always demand outside meals, then here is the solution to stick them to the home dining table. You can make tasty, flavorful, aromatic, and appealing food at home with a simple trick. The secret of delicious food is hidden in finishing salt. What is finishing salt that makes the difference in the food? Salt alone also works but its addition with some natural ingredients can double the flavor, aroma, and appearance.

You do not need to pick any salt from the store, with little effort and less time you can prepare, fresh and pure finishing salt recipes at home. To enjoy the full advantage of these recipes you require some measurements of salts and other ingredients such as natural herbs. Improper mixing and poor storage can lessen the effect.

Let’s dive into a pool of the finishing salt recipes, their use can beat the outside food. These are homemade recipes that can create superfoods every time you wish to eat.

1. Chive Blossom Finishing Salt (Veggies)

Chive Blossom Finishing Salt (Veggies)

This salt can be easily prepared in very little time. To make this recipe you need;

  • 5-6 fresh chive flower heads fresh or dried
  • 8-10 green chive stems
  • 1/2 cup coarse salt
  1. Prepare, wash them, and remove any dirt and critters by rinsing them multiple times.
  2. Dry them by patting them with a towel or using a salad spinner.
  3. Pluck the individual blossoms and let them dry.
  4. Wash and dry the chive stems, then chop them into small pieces (2-3 mm or 1/8 inch).
  5. Let the chives wilt and partly dry on the counter overnight, or microwave them with a paper towel in intervals to reduce moisture. This prevents clumping.
  6. Later on, mix all items with coarse salt and store in the airtight container.

This recipe is the best for vegetable meals. Make and enjoy the flavors for months.

2. Lemon Pepper Finishing Salt (Steaks, Grilling, or roast)

Lemon Pepper Finishing Salt (Steaks, Grilling, or roast)

To prepare this simple and instant recipe, you need to grab;

  • 1 Tbsp black peppercorns
  • 1 Tbsp lemon zest
  • 1/4 cup gourmet or kosher salt
  1. To enjoy this finishing salt recipe, you have to grind black peppercorn and lemon zest properly.
  2. Then add salt and mix the all ingredients well.

Your finishing salt is ready. Put in an airtight container and enjoy aromatic and flavorful roast chicken, meat, fish, and steaks at home with family and friends.

Finishing salt for steak

Finishing salt for steak

Are you those people who have special restaurants on the list for enjoying steaks at the weekend? You do this because you enjoy it. What is the difference between these steaks and those you make at home?

The difference lies in the finishing. What is that finishing salt that makes steaks delicious?

When it comes to picking a finishing salt for steaks, many options can enhance the flavor and texture of the meat. There is a comprehensive list of salts that serve the purpose. Coarse sea salt, such as fleur de sel or Maldon salt, is popular for its delicate crunch and mild briny taste to add a finishing touch to your steaks. On the other hand, Himalayan pink salt adds a subtle mineral flavor and a visually appealing hue to steaks.
Other than that, there are a couple of salts that are also considered best for steaks. Kosher salt, and smoked finishing salt are an ideal choice for making steaks.

The rough texture of kosher salt enhances the steak’s absorption of flavors, leading to a delicious and enticing taste. Adding the finishing salt after grilling preserves the steak’s natural flavors. With a slight sprinkling enjoy the excellent taste with appealing aromas.

Gourmet finishing salts

Gourmet finishing salts

Do you think all salts taste the same, saltier? It’s not true that all salts are the same regarding taste. They are different based on their composition, flavor, and texture. There are other salts for cooking and finishing. All salts can’t be used for all purposes. There are gourmet finishing salts that are used for finishing purposes. Here are some best salts that expert chefs recommend sprinkling over the food.

Finishing salt Maldon

Are there many types of finishing salt? Salt has many types based on its origin. There are many types of finishing salts such as Himalayan salt, sea salt, and Fleur de sel salt. In addition, there is a frequently used finishing salt known as Maldon salt.

Finishing salt maldom, is one of the best salts due to its unique texture. This special salt is harvested from the Blackwater estuary that is located in the English town of Maldon; therefore, it is known as Maldon salt.

Salt has irregular pyramid-like crystals that are used in finishing. When it comes to its properties, it has a clean and fresh flavor that ensures an earthy feel to the food. Its gentle texture, amazing flavor, and flaky crystals make it an ideal ingredient for finishing dishes. When seeking a high-quality salt to enhance dishes, finishing salt Maldon is a popular choice for its exceptional qualities.

1.Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Another renowned salt is Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt. It is best known for its ability to enhance the flavor of dishes. It serves as a finishing salt for all spicy food. Salt has larger, irregular crystals that provide a delightful crunch and dissolve quickly, imparting a burst of flavor to meals. Its flaky texture makes it ideal for sprinkling over dishes just before serving. It not only adds visual appeal but also ensures a pleasing texture. Expert chefs appreciate its mild, clean taste, and consider it a necessary ingredient for finishing. Moreover, it allows the natural flavors of ingredients to shine more.

2. Balinese Salt

Different recipes demand different salt for finishing. Here is another quality salt that fulfills the purpose of finishing. Balinese salt is flaked salt with an unusual pyramid shape that makes it different from the family of salt. It is collected from the Indian Ocean around the Indonesian island of Bali. Undoubtedly, it is perfect for giving food aesthetics a final touch. In addition, it ensures both a savory flavor as well as a nice touch of crunch.

3. Hawaiian Pink Salt

Juicy steaks with gentle spice and saltiness compel you to order for the second serving. For matchless flavor, enchanting aroma, and amazing texture, there is Hawaiian pink salt that will change your taste forever. If you love juicy, roasted meat or fish then this salt is the best to serve as a finishing salt. With its unique shade coming from clay, this salt is ideal for roasted meats or grilled fish. Due to its mellow and earthy notes, It is a famous pick for all renowned restaurants. Above all, it’s perfectly crushed along with aromatic herbs enhancing its taste and aroma.

3. Himalayan salt

We are aware of natural pink Himalayan salt that is famous for its unique taste and health benefits. This pure salt is harvested by hand from the mountain ranges of the Punjab region of Pakistan. It consists of more than 80 trace minerals that make it super healthy for everyone. When it comes to finishing food, Himalayan pink salt is used commonly.

It adds unique flavor and aroma to food by easily dissolving in the presence of gentle warmth. Using Himalayan salt as the final topping ingredient, not only improves the taste and flavor of the food but also imparts its unique health benefits. So, you can enjoy taste, flavor, and good health with a slight sprinkle.


Finishing salt is a kitchen secret that turns ordinary dishes into extraordinary plates. This superior-quality salt is added just before serving. It enhances the flavor, texture, and visual appeal of any food. This salt is usually available in the form of delicate flakes or powdery grains. Appropriate use of finishing salt provides a final burst of flavor to all dishes that leads the taste to heights.

Many salts can be used for finishing. When it comes to picking the ideal finishing salt for steaks, options like coarse sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and super quality Kosher Salt. Their matchless textures and flavors induce well in the meat, which helps to enhance its natural taste. Gourmet finishing salts bring their distinct attributes to the dining table, which allows chefs to add a final touch that makes the food more palatable. Finishing salt is not merely the salt, it can be mixed with some ingredients like Chive and Lemon Pepper to showcase its versatility.

When salt is mixed with natural herbs and ingredients, it elevates the taste and appearance of meals. The key to using finishing salt lies in moderation. To avoid the excessive sprinkle, use your fingers to ensure the right amount of salt is applied. Finishing before serving prevents the salt crystals from melting, which preserves the characteristics of salt. Enjoy the restaurant meal at home and save your budget! Isn’t worth it to sprinkle some grains over the dish.


How to make finishing salt?

Finishing salt is made by mixing of coarse salt with natural herbs and flavors. You can use rosemary, thyme, lemon zest, black pepper, or even smoked paprika to make it more flavorful.

What is finishing salt used for?

Finishing salt is used to give a final touch and flavor to the food. A sprinkling of finishing salt over the roasted or grilled, and dessert adds more crunch and flavor to the dishes.

Where does finishing salt come from?

Finishing salt is a type of France sea salt that comes from the sea salt deposits. Typically, it originated in France.

What is another name for finishing salt?

Finishing salt is also named Fleur de Sel which is famous for flavoring the food after cooking.

What makes finishing salt different?

The finishing salt is mixed with natural herbs and spices to make it aromatic and useable for the final touch. On the other hand, other salts, have just sodium and other minerals that only make them salty.

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