Have you ever wondered while wandering in the section of spices, why there are so many types of salt available at the grocery store? They are stocked beautifully, are all same?  All salts are not the same. One unique salt that stands out for its therapeutic properties is Chinen Salt. So, what is Chinen Salt and where does it come from?

Himalaya is the region from which Chinen Salt is harvested. More specifically, Chinen salt is sourced from a medicinal herb called berberine, which is a critical component of the Coptis Chinensis plant. Locals often refer to this plant as barberry due to its high berberine content, and it is predominantly found in the Himalayan region of China.

In terms of mineral content, Chinen Salt is enriched with various elements. It boasts a high iron, glutamate, monosodium, sodium chloride, and sodium nitrate concentration. Its aesthetic appeal comes from the presence of iron molecules, giving it a delightful light pink color.

Chinen Salt Benefits


Like other salts, Chinen salt is also enriched with health-friendly minerals. The appropriate use of this salt can help to boost your health. This salt has a comprehensive list of benefits. Let’s dive into the realm of Chinen salt benefits.

1. Acne

The main cause of acne is dirt, open pores, and oil production. By preventing all these factors, you can get rid of acne. This salt has properties that boost skin health. Massage allows to removal of dirt, microorganisms, and oil from the skin. Use this salt according to a derma specialist and get glowing and fresh skin.

2. Digestion

You can’t enjoy good health unless your digestive system is fully functional. This process can made smooth by using premium salt in your diet. Here, is the Chinen salt, which is also touted with Himalayan pink salt, which can help in digestion by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes.

These enzymes promote digestion and give energy to the body. Other than that, its rich mineral content promotes a balanced pH level in the stomach, which supports efficient digestion and reduces acidity. In addition, salt helps to keep the digestive tract in good health by keeping it free from any bacterial infection.

3. Sore Throat

Some bacteria cause irritated and discomfort that causes cough. Moreover, if it prolongs, it causes severe sore throat. Then, how does this pain? The solution is in natural therapeutic Chinen salt. Whenever your throat is suffering, gargling with a warm saline solution made with Chinen salt is the perfect choice to soothe a sore throat. It features natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce irritation and discomfort. In winter, gargling at night can keep your throat free from bacteria and illness factors.

4. Ear Infection

Bacteria and viruses that cause colds, cause middle ear infections. There are many medicinal ways to clean the air but common and helpful is to use salt water. For this purpose, Chinen salt can be used in saline solutions to clean and disinfect the ear canal. You can’t use it according to your desire but with a doctor’s recommendation.

Mix salt in water and add a few ears drops to perform the cleaning process. This can be beneficial for minor ear infections and may help alleviate discomfort. For serious infection, consult with a specialist rather than gargling and dropping salt water in the ear.

5. Muscle Cramps

Have you ever felt pain in your muscles during sleep? Isn’t it unbearable at some point? Ion imbalance or any specific mineral deficiency can cause muscle cramps.  You can beat the muscle cramps by using Chinen salt. It is enriched with minerals, including magnesium, that help prevent muscle cramps. Consuming Chinen salt as part of your diet according to prescription may contribute to better muscle function. If you want to reduce the cramping and energize your body, add this coarse pink salt to your diet routine.

6. Boost Immunity

A strong defense system is the key to your good health.  Chinen salt is comprised of essential minerals such as zinc and selenium. Both these are known to support a healthy immune system.  Study reveals that adequate intake of these minerals can enhance your body’s ability to combat with infections. Taking salt in too much quantity, wouldn’t help you to become stronger, but modern would.

7. Hydration

Keeping your body hydrated is the key to good health. Proper hydration is vital for overall health. Chinen salt can help to maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Adding a pinch to your water can aid in better absorption of fluids and minerals, which is enough to keep you well-hydrated.

8. Cognitive abilities

Chinen salt is enriched with sodium which is the key component that keeps the nervous system functional. Moderate use of this salt helps to promote concentration and keep you active as well as responsive.

Chinen salt benefits can be enjoyed when it is used in moderation. Avoid using it excessively due to its high sodium concentration.

Chinen Salt for Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the leading diseases in Pakistan. It is either hereditary or associated with lifestyle. The imbalance in insulin production can lead to this life-threatening disease. If this is associated with lifestyle and diet, then what should we add to diet to prevent it?

The simple answer is the Chinen salt. There are many claims regarding the benefits of this salt for diabetics. When it comes to type, it is beneficial for diabetes type 2 diabetes.

Now, let’s delve into specific benefits:

1. Blood Sugar Regulation

Up and down in blood sugar levels can lead to severe diabetes. When it comes to salt composition it is enriched with berberine that helps regulations the system

Some studies suggest that berberine chloride, found in Chinen Salt, may help regulate blood sugar levels. Using this salt in the diet can help to keep sugar level in the healthy range.

2. Insulin Production

Insulin is the harmony that keeps the body’s sugar level normal. Whenever there is less production of insulin you are crawling towards diabetes. People with low insulin production are diabetic therefore they regularly take shots of insulin that help them to stay active.

Diabetes shots involve issues with insulin production, and berberine’s potential to encourage insulin production. Therefore, it is recommended to use Chinen salt in your diet if you are diabetic. It suppresses your sugar level and keeps you in good health.

What Is Chinen Salt Used For?


Whenever we hear the word salt, our mind wanders to salty fries, juicy steaks, and BBQ. Many salts are used to cook, bake, season, and can differently types of foods. Here is the unique pink coarse salt that is used in the kitchen.

In the realm of culinary uses, Chinen Salt is thought similar to regular table salt but it offers a distinct flavor profile that enhances the taste and texture of dishes and some lemonade. Its mouthwatering aroma and texture not only enhance the appetite but also elevate the overall dining experience.

Beyond the kitchen, Chinen salt is used for multiple home remedies such as cleansing, and massage to reduce muscle and joint pain.

Where Can You Find Chinen Salt?

Chinen salt is the origin from China and after packaging it is delivered to the world. Due to its therapeutic properties, it is widely used by people all around the world. Therefore, sometimes it becomes challenging to find Chinen salt around. So, where to find it?

You can find Chinen Salt from various sources, including:

1. Chinese Herbal Stores

Chinen salt is a medicinal herb therefore it can be found at herbal stores. You can find it a a local Chinese herbal store or a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shop. It might be a good place to find in the first place because they typically stock a range of traditional Chinese herbs and remedies.

2. Online Retailers

Many online stores such as Amazon, eBay, or specialized herbal stores stock it. They often offer Chinen Salt for purchase and ensure safe, fast and convenient delivery.

3. Asian Grocery Stores

Asia is renowned for its variety of spices. Here you find any type of ingredient easily at the best cost. Some Asian grocery stores, especially those that sell herbal products or traditional Chinese ingredients, may stock Chinen Salt in highly hygienic packaging

4. Specialty Health Stores

As this salt is also named a medicine due to its benefits for diabetes type two disease, it can be found at health stores. Check out specialty health food stores or holistic wellness shops that deal with alternative remedies and TCM products.

When you are searching for Chinen Salt, make sure that the product is authentic and of high quality, especially if you plan to use it for medicinal purposes. Many prefer to buy from online stores, so don’t forget to read reviews. Besides, consulting with experts in traditional Chinese medicine can be valuable if you are up to using it as a medicine.

Is Chinen Salt the Same as Himalayan Salt?


Chinen salt and Himalayan salt are often confused with each other due to their coarse texture, pink color, and Himalayan origin. However, both are different. This Salt is derived from the Coptis Chinensis herb, from Himalaya China while Himalayan Salt is mined from rock salt deposits in Pakistan. Such as chinen salt has unique advantages. Similarly, there are many unique health benefits of Himalayan salt.


Interestingly, both Chinen and Himalayan salts share a common route to the Himalayan Mountain range. The berberine plant used in Chinen Salt is found in the Himalayas of China, while Himalayan Salt is harvested from the Himalayan foothills in Pakistan, specifically the Khewra mine.

Salt Composition

Chinen Salt is mainly comprised of berberine chloride, a compound collected from the Golden Thread herb. It is a combination of sodium nitrate and sodium chloride, offering unique properties. Moreover, it has a massive content of sodium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

On the other hand, Himalayan Sat is an unprocessed salt that consists of 98% sodium chloride and 2% other minerals and elements. It originates from the foothills of the Himalayan range in Pakistan. Uniquely, it has more than 80 trace minerals that have magical effect on health.


Himalayan Salt is a well-known seasoning for effective culinary items. But, Chinen Salt serves a different purpose. This Salt is not typically used for regular meal seasoning as Himalayan but can be employed as a supplement, especially for diabetic patients. It is available in various forms, including pills, granules powder, or liquid extracts.

Health Benefits

Both salts offer health benefits, mainly in regulating blood pressure, and sugar levels and supporting cardiovascular health as they are natural products that require no processing or preservatives to prevent clumping. By moderate use, salts allow you to enjoy their medicinal and healing properties.”


Chinen Salt, derived from the herb that is found in the Himalayas of China is distinct from Himalayan Salt, which is mined in Pakistan’s Khewra mine. This Salt primarily consists of berberine chloride, sodium nitrate, and sodium chloride, offering unique properties and a high concentration of sodium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

When it comes to Chinen Salt, it boasts various health benefits, including blood sugar regulation and support for insulin production, making it beneficial for individuals with type two diabetes. You can easily find it in various forms like pills, granules, powder, or liquid extracts, serving as a supplement rather than a regular seasoning for meals.

Beyond its medicinal uses, Chinen Salt elevates the dining experience with its distinct flavor profile and texture. Moreover, it is highly used in home remedies like muscle and joint pain relief. To find Chinen Salt easily, you can visit Chinese herbal stores, Asian grocery stores, and specialty health stores, or opt for online retailers, ensuring authenticity and quality, especially when you are buying for medicinal purposes. Make sure to consult with traditional medicine experts to enjoy the more health benefits.

Chinen Salt and Himalayan Salt, despite some similarities, differ in origin, composition, and usage. This Salt offers unique health benefits, particularly for diabetics. It is available in various forms to suit your different needs and preferences While using it, keep in mind, that moderation is the key!


1. Is Himalayan salt the same as Chinese salt?

No, Himalayan salt is different than Chinen salt. Later, is an herbal supplement that contains Berberine chloride.

2. What is Chinen salt used for?

Chinen salt is used in cooking for flavoring and texturing of food. In addition, this salt is used as a fragrant for many dishes and drinks.

3. Is Chinen salt good for diabetes?

Yes, Chinen salt is good for diabetes due to the balanced minerals profile that supports diabetic patients.

4. What are the benefits of Chinen salt?

Chinen salt helps in the elimination of toxins from the body. It also helps in removing acne and healing the wounds. However, it improves the digestive system and eases throat infection.

5. Where does Chinen salt come from?

Chinen salt is mined from the Himalaya range located in China which is renowned for the presence of berberine chloride in it.

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