There was a time when salt only used was in cooking and preservation. Himalayan salt has gained worldwide fame due to its unique properties as well as massive health benefits. It is more than just salt. It is not only used for cooking purposes but also external and decor. Nowadays, Himalayan salt therapy is used to gain more beneficial results. Before leading to Himalayan salt therapy benefits it is important to learn about Himalayan salt therapy.

Himalayan salt therapy

Have you ever noticed why we go to the beach to get some fresh air and feel relaxed? In addition, have you felt that your skin feels cleaner and your breath smoothly after spending time at the beach? It is simply because of inhaling the natural salt that is mixed in the air of the beach. There is neither a beach in every city nor everyone can afford to go to the beach regularly in cities where beaches exist. Therefore, there is a huge and easy alternative for takings salt air at the beach is Himalayan salt therapy, which can be enjoyed at home.

Himalayan salt therapy is also named halo therapy. It is the process that is performed in a temperature and humidity-controlled microclimate that is antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. It is the inhaling of small-sized, negatively ionized salt particles in a counted amount for a limited time to get desirable results.

There are a couple of types of salt therapy. One is dry salt therapy and the other is wet salt therapy. Inhaling salt from the seaside or beach mixed with water vapors is known as wet salt therapy. On the other hand, breathing dry salt components from salt rooms or caves is termed dry salt. Dry salt therapy is frequently used as it has more health benefits than wet salt therapy.

Dry salt therapy applies the natural healing qualities of salt to detoxify the lungs to the fullest. Moreover, inhalation in a salt room allows you to breathe easier, take in more oxygen, and clean the lungs. Himalayan salt breathing therapy clears the lungs of smokers and cleans dust, smog, pollen, and other irritants from the lungs.

Himalayan salt room benefits

Salt therapy is not performed in an ordinary place. It needs a proper setup where one can enjoy peace of mind and relax the body from all stress. For this purpose, distinct rooms or caves are designed. Himalayan Salt rooms are the best example where people visit and spend time performing salt therapy. Himalayan salt rooms provide a dry salt therapy experience. In these, you get exposed to microscopic salt particles that clean the air passage. Salt rooms are not just simple rooms made up of salt bricks but these have controlled environments. There are a couple of types of salt therapy rooms.

Firstly, active salt rooms feature a technical system. Some machines crush, break salt apart and circulate the particles. These particles are allowed to breathe. Also, the skin is exposed to salt particles that have healing properties.

In Passive rooms salt is  filled in large amounts. Mostly, a variety of salts such as Dead Sea, Himalayan, and rock salt are filled in the controlled space. Ideally, this is the perfect setting for meditation. Himalayan salt therapy benefits can be enjoyed in an ideal place where everything is under control.

Improve inhalation

One of the key benefits of Himalayan salt therapy is it improves breathing. Inhalation of micron-sized salt particles is enough to serve the purpose. Salt particles not only clean the air of the environment but also clean the dust from the lungs. Due to salt therapy, dust, smog, and smoke particles are removed from the body. Above all, Himalayan salt therapy improves breathing. One can breathe easily and smoothly due to regular salt therapy.

Fight infection

Himalayan salt has unique therapeutic properties. It has massive antibacterial properties that make it able to fight any infection. Gently rubbing salt on the infectious area or just exposing the region to salt particles while inhalation, can help to fight the deadly infection.

Healthy skin

Exposure of skin to the salt particle while inhalation can help more. Moreover, by using a salt bath or detox foot salt, one can get healthy skin. Mostly, health and beauty experts recommend the use of Himalayan salt to get glowing and young skin.

Decrease stress

The main purpose of the Himalayan salt room is to reduce stress. These rooms are enriched with salt particles that carry negative ions that are best to fight stress and tiredness. Himalayan salt lamps installed in salt room work as air purifier that helps to boost energy.

Energy booster

The amber glow gives a sunset hue that fresh up the mood. Sitting silently in the salt room in a serene environment makes you relax by killing all negative vibes. Breathing in this environment relaxes your body and mind and boosts your energy level to the maximum.

Itching and dryness

Sitting in a salt room during Himalayan salt therapy can end many problems. Dryness and itching cause discomfort even in a comfortable place. The salt room offers clean air is enough to fight your skin’s itching and dryness problems.


Meditation is demand a serene environment. The Himalayan salt room is a perfect place for the recollection of ideas. The cool and calm environment of the salt room or cave relaxes the body and mind and boosts the energy level. So, one can comfortably mediate, pray and create new ideas in a calm and composed environment.

Salt therapy clothing

Salt therapy clothing

The purpose of Himalayan salt therapy is to relax your body and mind for some time and renovate your energy. When it comes to visiting the salt room or cave, there is no specific code for clothing. Salt therapy clothing is always simple and comfortable. The main purpose of Himalayan salt therapy is to feel relaxed in every aspect. So, it is recommended to put on comfortable loose and anti-allergic fabric clothes. Usually, the temperature of salt rooms remains between 16-20 c° so salt therapy clothing must be according to these cold temperatures.

Salt therapy at home

Salt therapy at home

The best place for salt therapy is a beach where one can breathe fresh air. However, it doesn’t mean people away from the beach can’t enjoy salt therapy. There are salt rooms and caves that serve Himalayan salt breathing therapy. If you can’t afford both, now salt therapy at home is also possible.

There are multiple at-Home Salt Therapy Options that can give the same results as therapies in expensive salt rooms. In addition, at home salt therapy could be both wet and dry. There are many options available that allow everyone to perform salt therapy at home. But, it requires more admin start than the Himalayan salt room where climate and quantity are controlled. Wet Salt Therapy can be performed at home.

Salt bath

Using Himalayan salt while taking a shower can help to get the Himalayan salt therapy benefits. For this purpose, the tub is filled with relatively warm water; the warmer water allows the easy dissolution of salt in it. For taking pure results, soaps are not added to the tub because they can reduce the effect of bath salts. Usually, 20 to 30 minutes, once per week is enough to start. Later on, it can be extended to thrice a week.

Neti pot

A ceramic neti pot is a nasal irrigation system that allows you to breathe smoothly when there is a severe breathing problem. It is simply a tiny ceramic pot that contains a salt solution. This salt solution is drawn  through each nostril, to detox and flush out toxins. It also helps to drain out mucus from nasal passages. A ceramic neti pot can be used up to twice per day to avoid any inflammation.

Saline nasal spray

A saline nasal spray is a more effortless procedure than a neti pot. By using saline spray you can easily coat sinus cavities with the saline mist. Many people consider this procedure easier because it doesn’t need warm water to fill up a neti pot. One can easily use saline spray and improve their breathing. A saline spray can be easily sprayed in both nostrils. It can be done by just taking a deep breath.


Throat irritation during cough is normal. In winter, due to viral or bacterial infection cough gets prolonged. To avoid this problem, gargling with Himalayan salt is helpful. It does wonder if you are suffering from several throat infections. According to a study, gargling with warm water allows infection agents to flush out which allows the throat to recover from infection quickly.

Saltwater Flush

Drinking salt water can help to deal with some constipation or bowel irregularities. Salt flush is usually performed in the morning to get more results. This home-based therapy required a prescription by health experts before its application. Salt-water flush is good to maintain stomach health and improving the digestion process.

Other than wet therapy, Dry Salt Therapy at home is also applied. Like dry salt therapy in a salt room, this therapy is equally helpful at home.

Himalayan Salt lamp

Himalayan Salt lamp

When it comes to easy and beneficial salt therapy, a salt lamp is the first that hits the mind. Genuine salt lamp effects it has a strong base. Study reveals that along with lighting and enhancing mood, lamps soothed allergies. It works as an air purifier so it reduces sinus inflammation and breathing. It relaxed body and mind, so it improves mood and sleep as well.

Detox dome

The Himalayan detox dome is a foot detox slab that is used to remove toxins from the body in the form of sweat. Like salt lamp salt dome also glow up when it is heated. Placing feet on the dome regulates blood circulation and decreases inflammation in feet. Undoubtedly, It’s an easy, and less expensive way to warm and detoxify the body on cold winter days.

Salt inhalers

Himalayan salt breathing therapy can be performed with much caution. Slight negligence can cause serious harm to human health. A salt inhaler is a device that is used to inhale salt particles through the nostrils to make the breathing process easier. Nowadays, many salt inhalers are available but the renowned Plant Therapy pink Himalayan salt inhaler is valuable.

The health friendly Pink salt is easy-to-use ceramic inhaler that is comprised of coarse Pink Himalayan Salt particles. It supports a healthy respiratory system and makes the breathing process smooth.

Plant Therapy Pink Himalayan salt inhaler is perfect for Himalayan salt breathing therapy. Salt air is inhaled through the mouthpiece; moisture salt particles absorb and filter dust particles from the whole respiratory system.


Himalayan salt is not only a salt that is the key ingredient of cooking but it serves more than this. Its benefits have made it people’s only choice. Nowadays, Himalayan salt therapy benefits have marked its ideal therapeutic age. Himalayan salt therapy is not only used to treat breathing problems but also skin issues. Himalayan salt therapy can be performed in two ways. Dry salt therapy and wet salt therapy. Dry salt therapy is frequently used because of its results. It includes performing inhalation activity in Himalayan salt rooms or caves. Also, to fight skin infections, salt can be gently rubbed to make the skin healthy.

Usually, Himalayan salt therapy is performed at beaches or salt rooms designed by salt associations but it can be performed at home. Various options are available for people to perform therapy at home such as taking a bath with salt, using a saline spray, or neti pot, gargling with salt water, or drinking salt water. Additionally, salt lamps, salt domes, detox foot salt, and Himalayan pink salt inhalers could be used at home. Like all therapies, it is important to keep precautions in view. Excessive use of salt or spending more time than recommended in the salt room could be dangerous. It can impart negative effects rather than health benefits.


What is Himalayan salt therapy?

Himalayan salt therapy is inhaling pure air in the salt room where temperature and humidity are controlled effectively. There are two types of salt therapies such as dry salt therapy and wet salt therapy.

What are the benefits of pink Himalayan salt therapy?

Pink Himalayan salt therapy improves inhalation, fights infection, and reduces stress, itching, and irritation of the skin. Moreover, it helps to enjoy meditation and boosts energy.

How does Himalayan salt therapy work?

Himalayan salt releases negative ions that interact with positive ions and cleanse the air. On inhaling the pure air, the lungs get the fresh and clean air that promotes better breathing.

What are the side effects of salt therapy?

Excessive salt therapy causes skin irritation and redness in the exposed area of the body. Sensitive individuals also experience throat tickle that gets severe if not treated timely.

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