Until now, the world has been aware of the use of Himalayan pink salt in cooking but now the trend has changed. Have you heard that this salt could be used as a beauty product to revitalize your skin? If not, then you are going to be thrilled with Himalayan pink salt soap that has stirred the beauty market.

Himalayan salt is mined from the rocks of Himalaya located in Pakistan. This is the purest salt on the earth composed of more than 82 trace minerals. It is enriched with sodium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. All these components are good for the healthy body. Now, this salt is used to make a Himalayan salt bar. Are you thinking about how salt can produce leather as your normal soap, so this is not the case? This soap gets its aesthetic pink color due to pink Himalayan salt crystals.

It offers huge therapeutic benefits for the skin that keeps you younger forever. Due to the high mineral level, this Himalayan pink salt soap is catching popularity. As Himalayan salt is known for hydration and exfoliating properties, soap doubles the cleansing and revitalizing benefits. To get healthy and glowing skin you can easily make this soap by following a simple recipe.

Pink Himalayan salt soap recipe

Pink Himalayan salt soap recipe

If you are afraid of using soap due to the presence of chemicals, you can use natural soap full of skin benefits. Himalayan pink salt soap is rich with all those minerals that are advantageous for all types of skin. You can make chemical-free skin-friendly soap for your regular skincare routine at home.


  • 2 cups of melted soap base
  • 1/4 cup of grounded Himalayan pink salt
  • Coconut oil 1 tablespoon
  • 10-15 drops essential oils
  • Soap mold 1 tablespoon
  • Firstly, cut and melt the soap base in the microwave for 30 seconds. Ensure that the base is completely melted.
  • Secondly, add one tablespoon of coconut oil to the melted base. Stir until both components are evenly distributed.
  • Now, there comes the key ingredient, Himalayan pink salt. Add, 1/4 cup of properly grounded salt to the mixture. Again, keep stirring until salt is completely incorporated with the soap base.
  • Have you noticed that beauty soaps have an enchanting aroma that makes these bars appealing for use? To make your homemade soap aromatic, add 10-15 drops of your desired essence in it. Mostly, people prefer the fragrance of lavender or citrus.
  • Here comes the step to giving shape to your bar. Put the mixture in your soap mold and wait until it is settled in the mold.
  • Usually, cooling of soap takes a few hours but you can speed up the process by shifting the mold tray to the refrigerator for half an hour.
  • When soap is stable, remove it from the molds and let it harden. Typically, soap takes a couple of weeks to cure and is fully hardened. This period is essential as it loses moisture and becomes harder and firmer. This procedure is called cure. Once your soap is cured you can store it in packaging.

Your pink Himalayan salt soap is ready easily at home. Now use it regularly to exfoliate your skin to get glowing results.

Himalayan salt bar how to use

Himalayan salt bar how to use

Once your Himalayan salt soap is ready, how you can use this naturally enriched bar to get your dream healthy skin? Like, regular soap, Himalayan salt soap does not produce much leather. It only produces a simple gentle form that performs cleaning actions. As this salt soap is different from the rest of the soap or face wash, it has a slightly different way to use it.

To use this aesthetic pink soap, wet your face or the body area where you want to apply it. Rub this soap on your hands first to make gentle foam. Then apply that form to your body and gently rub in a circular motion. Do not be harsh with your skin; it causes rashes that can leave a spot on your flawless and spotless skin!

Some people complain about the burning of skin just after the application. It is normal for a few seconds. However, if you feel extreme burning it is better to rinse the soap now.

For rubbing, you can use either a loofah or washcloth to perform deep cleansing. Himalayan salt soap is composed of components that are called exfoliates. By gently massaging, dead cells of your skin fall off and give room for the growth of new cells. Most of the beauty experts recommend massaging for 1-2 minutes. After that rinse off the soap with slightly warm water and dry your face. Make sure no residue stays on your face. Any presented residue can cause salt allergies on your face, so it is mandatory to ensure salt residue-free skin.

On different types of skin, there might be different results. However, all must moisturize your skin to lock the moisture in the skin. This allows your skin to stay hydrated for longer.

Pink salt soap benefits

Undoubtedly, salt is one of the key ingredients of the kitchen but its use in beauty products has astonished the world with its benefits for the skin.

The Pink salt’s goodness have been celebrated since its discovery. Similarly, its use became an official part of the skincare routine when its exfoliating properties were revealed. Pink salt is full of minerals that offer considerable advantages to your overall health such as heart, respiratory, digestion, and hydration. Similarly, when that salt comes in the form of a soap bar, it also offers unique benefits for the skin.

Himalayan salt soap benefits for skin

Himalayan salt soap benefits for skin

  • Himalayan salt soap offers plenty of benefits of Natural skin rejuvenation. Firstly, it exfoliates the skin by removing dead cells thoroughly. In addition, it deeply cleanses the skin and leaves a softness and unusual glow as well. Gentle rubbing of salt enhances blood circulation, which is good for healthy skin.
  • Another benefit that is offered by this remarkable soap bar is its hydration ability. Regular salt dries up the skin but this is not the same for Himalayan soap. This soap attracts and retains the moisture that makes your skin suppler.
  • The presence of zinc, selenium, magnesium, and potassium has healing and regeneration properties that allow the growth of fresh and new cells.
  • Soap like Himalayan pink salt has antibacterial minerals such as magnesium that keep bacteria away from the skin. In addition, the use of this kind of soap helps to avoid acne as well.
  • Himalayan salt soap has antioxidant properties that fight against the free radicals that cause wrinkles and fine lines. Regular use of this salt is the best and most natural way to keep aging away.
  • Some people are more prone to allergies that take place due to minor bacteria dust or debris. The use of soap and salt for cleaning actions can help to reduce all types of allergies.
  • Most skin problems are associated with an imbalance in the skin pH. Dehydration and sebum production disturb the pH of the skin. The use of pink salt soaps helps to maintain the pH of the skin in the normal range.

Every person goes through more often, which is dandruff a common problem. The use of Himalayan pink salt soap is good for the scalp. Rubbing of salt loosens the dandruff and promotes blood circulation.

Himalayan soap for eczema

Himalayan salt soap benefits for skin

Have you ever witnessed or experienced dry, cracked, inflamed, or swelling skin then you are suffering from eczema? To combat this skin disorder, dermatologists recommend multiple treatments but one is natural. Himalayan soap for eczema is thought highly helpful. It soothes the skin from irritation and hydrates the body. Moreover, it reduces the darkness and swelling around the eyes. When the purest Himalayan soap bar is used with goat milk, this combination fights well against the eczema symptoms.

Himalayan salt bar for psoriasis

Himalayan salt bar for psoriasis

Scaly and patchy skin is unwanted by all. This common skin disorder occurs due to immune dysfunction. Many people apply different products to get rid of the colored patches but make them worse. There is a natural Himalayan soap. The Himalayan salt bar for psoriasis. This soap bar is equally recommended for eczema and psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antioxidant properties.  Its regular use reduces the redness and lightens the patch’s color. Moreover, due to its hydrating and moisturizing abilities, its regular use softens the silvery scale and gives skin a silky and smooth feel.

Whether you are suffering from minor to major skin issues or have any skin type, the use of natural and organic products like Himalayan soap can help. Before, adding this soap bar to your daily skincare routine, consult with this your dermatologist for better results.

Himalayan salt soap side effects

Himalayan salt soap side effects

Himalayan pink salt soap is often claimed safe and skin-friendly due to the composition of natural Himalayan salt. However,  it is not for all. Like the rest of the beauty and skincare products, people brave different side effects.  Every product needs to be used in moderation. Slight changes in the concentration cause severe problems for the skin. If you use pink salt soaps in excessive amounts, you are going to destroy your normal and healthy skin. Here, are a few common side effects that people experience over time.

Himalayan salt has irregular crystals that have an abrasive nature. Application of soap salt on the face may cause Irritation. This soap requires gentle massage. Excessive rubbing can cause rashes on the skin. Moreover, it causes allergy, itching, and redness on the face.

If your skin is already dehydrated, then you are welcoming more dryness in the form of salt soap. Excessive use of Himalayan pink salt soap can make your skin more dehydrated if you don’t moisturize your skin.

Our skin produces oils and sebum that are good for the skin if produced in the normal range. Another one of the side effects of using this unique soap is its removal of oils. Its excessive use strip off the oily layer and cause an imbalance in the skin’s pH. A slight imbalance in skin pH leads to more skin issues.

The eyes are the sensitive organ of the body. Many salt-based products due to saltiness and fragrance cause eye irritation. It causes redness and tearing in the eyes that give a prolonged burning sensation as well. If you are a regular user of salt soap, keep the foam away from your eyes.


Himalayan pink salt soap is enriched with minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc, which are the key to skin health. This soap is free from chemicals so can be used without any fear. You can easily make this salt soap at home. All you need is soap bases, salt, oil, and essence according to your preference. After making and cooling, you can use it for longer. Like other soaps, salt soap doesn’t make enough leather. Its gentle foam is enough to perform cleansing and exfoliating action. While using, don’t apply directly to the skin but make foam in your hands and massage for one to minutes for better results.

Regular but proper use of Himalayan salt bars helps to resolve many skin issues. It not only exfoliates the skin but also hydrates it for longer. In addition, it has proven the best product against eczema and psoriasis. Regular applications of soap keep your skin acne-free. Above all, it ends the itching and irritation of the scalp that occurs due to dandruff production. If you are up to making this soap bar for your skincare routine, consult with your skin specialist because what is good for others could be harmful for you.


What does washing your hands with salt do?

Although there is little scientific evidence to support its usage in skin care, washing hands with salt may improve the skin. It may have antimicrobial qualities as well as helpful elements such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

How to make pink Himalayan salt soap?

Melt the coconut oil gently and stir in the castor oil. Stir in the salt using a spatula. Pour the soap into the mold and shake it to remove any air bubbles. Pink Himalayan salt soap is an easy and satisfying technique that will leave your skin feeling fantastic.

What are the benefits of Himalayan pink salt soap?

Many skin disorders, can be controlled by using Himalayan pink salt soap. This salt soap has amazing exfoliating effects and will cleanse and refresh your skin.

Is Himalayan salt soap good for skin?

Yes, Himalayan salt soap is good for the skin. Using salt soap daily can refresh your skin and control many skin problems.

How do you use pink Himalayan salt soap?

Warm the Himalayan salt soap in the oven at 300°F for 2 to 3 minutes. Once warm, sprinkle your favorite body oil over the salt soap and massage it into your skin with a towel for an instant refreshing feeling.

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