Everyone loves juicy, flavorful, and tender meat and chicken. Therefore, many look for expensive food points to satisfy their taste. Now, you do need to go out to enjoy the special taste and spend money. You can make a similar tasty chicken at home. How is it possible? All this happens by bringing the poultry or meat. All you need is an accurate salt brine recipe that does wonders for the raw meat. For enhancing the flavor of food, Himalayan pink salt brine recipe is considered best.

Brining is very similar to margination. To infuse protein, and flavor, and make chicken or meat tender and juicy, it is soaked with salt, sugar, and water solution. Typically, salt makes the muscles protein soft, and that takes less time while cooking to break. During cooking, more salt and moisture are retained which makes the meat juicy and tender.  To get the desired results, chicken is soaked in solution for more than 24 hours. For making, brine the type of salt matters. Himalayan pink salt is usually used in this process

Himalayan pink salt is widely used in cooking due to its unique taste, texture, and color. It is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is called a natural gift because it is thought the purest salt present on the earth. What makes this salt special is its unique pink color. Moreover, it is enriched with minerals. It consists of more than 82 trace minerals that make it pink as well as nutritious component. The high mineral profile allows this salt to perform its multipurpose role. Whether it is cooking, seasoning, marinating, or brining.

As Himalayan salt is known for its unique taste and properties, it is used in brining. For enhancing the flavor of food, Himalayan pink salt brine recipe is considered best. This salt has ideal color, texture, taste, and grain size. All these properties make it easily dissolve and absorption in meat.

Himalayan pink salt brine

Are you in love with the tender juicy and salty meat? If you want to enjoy the taste of a renowned restaurant at your dining table daily, you need a little extra effort. If you are confused about how you will bring that juicier touch and flavor to your meat in your kitchen, you need not worry about it.

To enjoy the similar taste and texture that you enjoyed at restaurants, you must know how to prepare the brine solution. This solution decides the taste, tenderness, and juice level in the meat. Himalayan pink salt brine is widely used and it is easy to prepare as well. Here we look at the Himalayan pink salt brine recipe that will allow you to enjoy the best meal at home.

To make Himalayan pink salt brine you don’t need bulk of multiple ingredients. You can quickly prepare it in a few steps. For the preparation of brine, you do need not to buy the ingredients, all you have in your kitchen cabinet. Many people prepare the simple brine by mixing water and salt with a small amount of sugar. Later on, they soak the chicken in it for hours. However, some people who prefer unique tastes and want meals that are more delicious need to add some extra effort. As it is well known, the more ingredients you add more taste you enjoy.


Before choosing ingredients know the amount of meat you are going to bring. It will allow you to keep every ingredient in balance.

To make the desired brine you need One gallon of water. You can take water according to your meat and chicken.

  • 2- cups of Himalayan pink salt
  • 1-cup of sugar (also 1/2 cup of brown sugar)
  • 2-tbs of black peppercorns, crushed
  • Four crumbled bay leaves
  • 8 thinly sliced garlic cloves
  1. To make the flavorful brine, you need to mix all ingredients.
  2. Mix all ingredients in the large pot and put them on flame. Stir the water and ensure all ingredients are fully dissolved. Let the mixture boil for a few minutes it will make the brine more flavorful.
  3. After some time, remove the pot from the heat and let it cool.
  4. Soak the chicken or meat in the pot. Ensure that the chicken is fully submerged in the brine.
  5. For better results, place the meat or chicken in a large pot or container and add the cooled Himalayan pink salt brine over it.
  6. The next step is to place the container at a low temperature. It is better to refrigerate the meat or chicken for about 12 to 24 hours. For better infusion of saltiness and taste keep turning the sides to ensure perfect infusion.
  7. When you are up to cooking, your favorite dinner, take it out of the frig and get rid of any extra brine. Before cooking, give the meat a good rinse.
  8. After thoroughly, rinsing, you can use it either for roasting, grilling, or smoking as usual.

Brining makes the meat soft and easy to cut. Other than making meat soft, juicier, and a little bit salty, it avoids the dryness that many home chefs face. If you are a busy mom, brining can help you to shorten your cooking time!

Dry brine with Himalayan salt

Dry brine with Himalayan salt

Mostly, expert and home chefs use brine solutions to make chicken more delicious. However, dry brining is also used which helps in better absorption of salt. One of the drawbacks of dry brining is that it takes hours and days for salt to get fully absorbed.

Dry brine is simpler than brine solution. You only sprinkle salt and other desired ingredients and let it absorb properly. Dry brine draws all moisture from the chicken and reabsorb. This procedure also makes chicken juicy and tender.

Can I use Himalayan pink salt to brine a turkey?

Brining is common to add more taste to meat or vegetables. If you love chicken and eat it regularly, you can change the taste by bringing it. The main ingredient for brining is salt. People get confused about the ingredients used for brining. Sometimes, due to a lack of knowledge, they choose the wrong self for brining and don’t get the results they were anticipating. There are different types of salt are used for brining but Himalayan pink salt is preferred the most. It offers unique benefits when meat is dipped in its solution. Certain reasons allow you to use Himalayan pink salt to brine a turkey.

Himalayan pink salt brine recipe has a unique flavor that complements the turkey’s taste. It adds an earthy and subtle flavor that makes it super edible. Some people don’t enjoy the turkey as they feel reluctant due to the smell but the use of natural pink salt ends the unwanted meat smell.

Moreover, Himalayan salt block is also help cooking. And Himalayan salt consists of magnesium, potassium, and calcium that precisely infuse to depth of the turkey. These healthy minerals make the meat more nutritious.

Above all, Himalayan pink salt has antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and germs. Table salt can cause the growth of bacteria that can destroy your recipe.

In addition, brining salt like Himalayan pink salt works to improve the taste of the meat. It helps the turkey to retain plenty of moisture. The pink salt has the potential to draw water into the meat through an osmosis procedure. Moisture retention through pink salt makes turkey juicier when cooked after 12-24 hours.

If you are a regular cook, sometimes you must have experienced becoming meat tough and dry. It happens due to poor brining. Himalayan pink salt improves the texture of meat by denaturing the muscle protein. It makes meat tender and shortens the cooking time as well.

To enjoy the delicious turkey, you make Himalayan pink salt turkey brine easily.

Himalayan pink salt turkey brine

Himalayan pink salt turkey brine

Turkey is not only better in vision but also its meat is tastier than any other bird type. You can improve its taste by just salt brining. All you need is to follow the most followed Himalayan pink salt brine recipe to enjoy the rich taste.

For preparing turkey brine, firstly know its size and weight. Then find the large container accordingly. It is better to find the large one according to the size of your bird.

  1. Fill the container with water and turn on the flame. Add Himalayan pink salt and the rest of the spices and herbs according to your taste preference.
  2. Mix all ingredients until they are dissolved in a hot water solution.
  3. When the brine solution is ready, it is time for the turkey to land in it. Ensure that the container is large enough to hold the big bird.
  4. Remove the solution from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.
  5. Before placing it in, remove the scales from the turkey body. Also, clean the cavities of the turkey. Later on, stick it in the pot.
  6. For desired results, the complete dipping of the body is necessary. It allows salt brine to fully absorb in the meat.
  7. Brining is not for simple marinating that takes a few hours. For juicier and tender meat, you have to be patient. Place the container in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  8. When you are up to cook the delicious turkey, take the container out of the refrigerator and spill out the brine solution.
  9. Take the turkey out and rinse it well. Before getting ready for cooking dry and pat it with a towel.

Now, you can cut and cook the turkey according to your well-known home recipe.

Does salt brine kill bacteria?

Bacteria are everywhere. They cause infections that prove to be deadly. Many disinfectants are used to kill bacteria. You can kill them from everywhere by using chemicals but when it comes to the kitchen you need to be careful. What if there are bacteria in your meat? Are you going to spray the disinfectant? Surely, not.

Bacteria love to grow on raw meat. They grow their colonies faster and spoil the meat. Bacteria make meat smelly and bad in taste. Eating this type of meat cause disease.

To protect meat or vegetables from bacteria, you only need a simple but effective procedure. Himalayan pink salt brine recipe helps to control the growth of bacteria. Bacteria grow like mushrooms, as fast as possible.

Salt brine kills bacteria by following the osmosis. Too high a concentration of salt makes an unfavorable environment for bacteria that is enough to kill them. Salt brine draws the water out of the bacterial cell, which causes dehydration. Due to dehydration, bacteria lose their structure, which leads to their enzymes and protection dysfunction. When bacteria face disorders in protein functioning, ultimately it causes death.

Therefore, when salt brine used for meat, it makes it tasty and bacteria-free. Moreover, salt brine helps to kill bacteria when fruit and vegetables season or pickled for a longer time. Other pathogens also love to grow in canned food, so the use of salt brine can prolong the safe storage of your food.

Also, remember that some bacterial types are salt loving and tolerate the salt brine. To deal with those bacteria you must switch to other ways to kill bacteria.


Himalayan sal know for its wide use in cooking. However, it widely used in the preservation and seasoning of food. Nowadays, its frequently used in the brining of meat. The Himalayan pink salt brine recipe allows you to make meat juicier and tasteful. Due to its enriched mineral profile, taste, texture, and color, it consider ideal for brining. To make Himalayan pink salt brine, you need salt and water. According to taste preference, one can add other spices as well. The role of brining does not only confine to infusing flavor to meat but it brining gentle tenderness and a juicy touch to meat.

Turkey is known for its taste and healthy benefits, to enhance its taste, Himalayan salt brine used. Completely soaking in brine solution for 24 hours allows the best infusion of flavor in it. By brining, you not only enjoy the delicious meat but also it saves cooking time. Above all, the antimicrobial properties of salt prevent the growth of pathogens like bacteria. Salt brine prove effective for killing the bacteria. If not completely killing, brine helps to control the growth of bacteria.

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