On Demand:

  • Any figure and size can be produced
  • Lamps base: wooden, marble & plastic feet are available
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

Key Features:

  • Mini size 4-5 inches
  • Multiple color LED with dimmable features
  • USB Electric Wire
  • UL-approved Safety Guaranteed Plug

Product Detail:

Himalayan rock salt is mined from the foothills of Pakistan to manufacture ideal salt products for the world. Salt lamps are on chart due to an artistic and pleasing natural glow. These illuminate the living spaces and enhance the beats of house décor. Latest salt product for which customers are impatient to add in their home interior, is mini–USB Himalayan Salt Lamps. These have adjustable wooden base that gives it proper stage to stand on. UL-approved guaranteed plug is safe to plug in any adapter. USB plug can be fixed with laptop and keyboards to lit up the study atmosphere.

Mini-USB Himalayan Salt Lamps, sturdy and pure, have color changing LED lights that glow like a rainbow in dark. Deep color tones bring activeness to your mood when it is plugged into USB adapters. GV Salt is in good books regarding maintenance of the quality of salt products till now. We deliver salt products safely worldwide in ecofriendly packaging. Don’t wait. Pick your ideal figured mini-USB color changing salt lamp. We don’t let our customers wait for a long. We ensure the safe and quick delivery of product at your doorstep.

Product Description:

Mini-USB Himalayan Salt lamps are adorned with multicolored LED light bulb. Any of yours desired size and figure can be produced.  USB plug is handy to use with any adapter whether it is laptop or phone charger even you are traveling anywhere. These lamps are ideal to present as a gift to your family and friends.