On Demand:

  • Any figure and size can be produced
  • Lamps base: wooden, marble & plastic feet are available
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

Home Décor:

Himalayan salt of premium quality has many health benefits. Use of pink salt is increasing day by day regarding home décor and styling. Himalayan home décor products have many benefits.


  • 100% pure pink salt
  • Salt Tiles of customized size and shape
  • Salt lamps with variety of hues

About Product:

Salt products especially decoration pieces such as salt lamps and tiles give more than glow. These items give aesthetic view and styling to home but its health benefits are numerous.

Air Cleaner:

Ember glow of lamps in surroundings and living area cleans the air. Use of salt tiles in walls absorb the moisture along with dust particles. Himalayan salt lamps work on same principle.


Himalayan salt home décor items are good for asthma patients. Décors releases negative ions that fight against air pollutants. Asthma patient breaths clean air if Himalayan salt lamps glow there.

Mood and sleep:

Scientific study says; spending time in ember glow freshen up the mood. It strengthens body and mind to fight against depression. Release of ions from pink Himalayan salt ends up the anxiety.


Himalayan salt décor gives gorgeousness to your reception and sitting area. More integral part of these decors is, these creates positive vibes that are good for overall well-being.

GV Salt, manufacturer, and exporter of home décor salt products, gives you an opportunity to experience charm and health together. Himalayan Home décor products fills with many benefits are ready to reach at your door step. Variety of tiles that embellish your walls and ceiling in different shapes and end cut are available for you.

Product Description:

Himalayan salt home décor benefits let people to experience this pink gold. Make your surroundings glow with ideal hues and spectrums of styles. Let your ceiling and walls cleans your air. Glow with good health.