On Demand:

  • Any size & shape can be produced
  • Lamps base: wooden, marble & plastic feet are available
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

Key Features:

  • Salt lamps are available in 20 shapes
  • 100% Pure Himalayan rock salt product
  • Light bulbs of different colors
  • Entirely hand crafted
  • Electric cable with protected plug

Product Detail:

When irregular stone gets shape, it can beat diamond. It is true about salt products. One on top are Light Lamps that are manufactured in diverse Geometrical Shapes to alleviate the decorum of your house. Himalayan rock salt, famous for its purity provides vital element for royal products. It is taken from mines of Pakistan and after standardized processing it is destined for beautification of your homes and palaces.  Natural shapes have their own place but finely designed Geometric Himalayan salt lamps multiplies the attraction of products. GV Salt, leading marketplace for the manufacturing and supplying of salt product all around the globe, has come up with shapes of your demands. Whether round, cube or triangular infused with dreamy hue bulbs, you can choose of your preference. We also prepared Geometric Shapes according to customers’ demands.

Geometric Himalayan salt lamps not only illuminate the surroundings but it makes your mediation fast. It is not the glow that lit up your soul but it clears the negative vibes that revolves around you. Lamps with ideal geometry from top to base is super elegant. To enhance the grace of your home, GV Salt are always there to help you.