On Demand:

  • Any figure and size can be produced
  • Lamps base: wooden, marble & plastic feet are available
  • Private labels/brands can be placed

Products Shapes:

  • Horse head
  • Fish
  • Dolphin
  • Leaf
  • Flower
  • Natural, geometrical & cylindrical

Product Detail:

Salt products are getting worldwide hype due to uniqueness and adorable craftmanship. Himalayan salt lamps have become integral part of home styling. Whoever sees gorgeous hand mined salt products falls for that. New artistic and aesthetic product Himalayan salt bowl lamp with massage balls has entangled our customers in its spell. Fine and elegant salt crystals crafting with taste of latest designing enhances its beauty.  Himalayan salt bowl lamp with massage balls gives you 5-6 massage balls. Balls are free so you can easily pick and fix accordingly. Neem wooden stage provides it perfect adjustment and durability .15–25-watt bulb is in center that lit up when UL-standardized 6 ft electric cord is plugged in. You can adjust the brightness level with dimmable switch. When Himalayan salt bowl lamp is turned on, its ember glow   warms up the massage balls. One can use Warm balls for massage that loosened stiffed muscles and makes blood flow smooth. GV Salt, giant of Himalayan salt products manufacturers and suppliers, gives you opportunity to experience ambience glow in your living and working environment along with some health benefits. We offer salt lamps with round bowl and balls, round with chunks and square with balls and chunks. GV Salt delivers every salt product on the dot for customers. Hunt for two with one stone and Experience the Glow with Grace. Product Description: Himalayan fire bowl salt lamp with 6 massage balls. Metal Bulb Guard Lamp Cage. Warm massage balls will help to get rid of tiredness and makes smooth blood flow. Bring it home to experience divine harmony of glow every night.