Edible salt has key features that are of prime importance;

  • Pure Himalayan Pink salt
  • Holds 98% of Sodium Chloride
  • Natural light pink tint due to trace minerals
  • Additive free
  • Best for cooking, seasoning and preservation of food

Edible Salt: Health Guaranteed

One of the purest salts is Himalayan pink salt that is beneficial for health point of view. Although, many salts are available in market but premium quality salt in affordable pricing is rare. Himalayan edible salt price is less costly but supreme quality.

Product Detail:

Himalayan rocks are synonymous to pure and pink salt that has been ruling over world for   million years. Himalayan salt is used for therapeutic as well as for decoration purposes. Pink salt is part of every dining because of its purity and taste. Himalayan edible salt price is affordable for everyone because it is substitute of table salt.

Himalayan pink edible salt is mined from the untouched mines of Pakistan where its crushing takes place.  Edible salt forms range from powdered to granules and chunks that you can crush at home. This has advantage over rest of the table salts that it is additive free. Many tables salt use of additives is common to prevent clumping while storage. Himalayan edible salt has longer shelf time than others salts.

GV Salt, one of the business tycoons in the field of manufacturing o salt product, takes care of your health and budget. Don’t play with your health and add pure pink salt in your diet. It will keep your body hydrated and balanced with pH.

Product Description:

Edible pink salt in affordable price is available for you in different natural colors and sizes. We provide salt of different sizes and forms in perfect packaging to customers.  Use with moderation and enjoy better health every day.